You Floral - Pampas Grass - 5 pack

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Our California pampas grass is our most popular of our real pampas grass offerings and it sells out every year – so don’t miss out! Pampas grass lasts 3 – 5 years, so if you have a wedding coming up, you can order in advance. Our real pampas grass has a soft, airy look to it – perfect for home decor and weddings. Our pampas grass is imported fresh from California, and then we have a careful drying process where we hand grade, sort, and dry each stem individually. Our process means that we handle each stem multiple times – meaning multiple eyes on it, multiple times… resulting in a final careful inspection before shipping it out to ensure that you get the high quality product we’re known for. The pampas types are graded by the plume length (the fluffy part), if you’re looking for the showstopper large plumes, pick mega Mega - Plume length 28″ -32″ - Total length ~39″ Large - Plume length 20″-27″ - Total length ~36″ – 39″ Small - Plume length 15″-19″ - Total length ~ 36″